Capital Campaign vor the community athletic, wellness and arts center. Your support is needed now. It will help create new tradtions in Eaton, Ohio for generations to come.


Eaton's new venue is designed to prepare students for future success and
provide a place for all residents to take part in wellness programs and the
community spirit that has been the pride of Eaton for decades. Plans include
building a new stadium, athletic fields, wellness center and auditorium for the entire Eaton community to enjoy. Phase I has been completed . . . and now, on to Phase II!



More than $4.2 million has been raised toward our $5 million goal!


Your Support We hope you will consider becoming a part of the Building on Great Traditions campaign. Please take a few minutes to tour our web site and learn more about the exciting plans for OUR future!




"One of the things that we've found at Henny Penny is that when we are interviewing people to come to work for us they look at our school system and want to know how well they are doing. They also want to look at the facilities."

— Jack Cobb, Former CEO, Henny Penny Corporation